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Color shapes our lives.  It affects our moods, our appetites and even our productivity but we are often unaware of its influence.  Blues are generally thought to be soothing and calming and great for living spaces and physicians offices.  They are especially popular now particularly when mixed with silver and grey. Yellow is the first color our eyes see which is why it's such a popular color for advertising.  Many think it evokes a general feeling of happiness.  That's true in small amounts but yellow in large quantities is actually an irritant.  We always caution our clients to be careful with yellow and focus its use on art, accessories and lighting.  In a less saturated form it creates a very inviting interior. Red excites us and is bold and dramatic.  It exudes positive feelings and can even make a cold area seem warmer.  Reds are thought to stimulate our appetite and are used often in restaurants.  In a soft and muted form it's often our cho
We all love coffee so we are incorporating coffee bars into most of our kitchens.